Curriculum Vitae

Jacqueline Howells

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Brown University, Providence, RI

Doctor of Philosophy: Aug 2017 - Present

Principal Investigators: Dr. Marc Tatar & Dr. Karla Kaun

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Neuroscience

Program: Pathobiology

Relevant Coursework: The Biology of Aging, Neurogenetics and Disease, Advanced Neurobiology, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, Innate Immunology, Host-Microbe Interaction, The Diseased Brain.

University of California, Berkeley, CA 

Bachelor of Science, Aug 2009 - May 2013 

Major: Environmental Science – Emphasis in Biology

Minor: Italian Studies

Relevant Coursework: Senior Research Seminar, Integrative Biology Field Studies, Wildlife Ecology, Evolution, Evolutionary Genetics, Methods of Environmental Science, Organic Chemistry, Global Environmental Problems, American Wildlife, General Biology, General Chemistry, Cognitive Science Group Study.

Senior Thesis: Microhabitat use of the Eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus) on the White Sands ecotone.

Lowell High School, San Francisco, CA  

High School Diploma, Aug 2005 - Jun 2009                                                                                   Graduated with Honors    

Research Experience     

Brown University , Providence, RI - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department, Neuroscience Department      

Principle Investigators: Dr. Marc Tatar & Dr. Karla Kaun

PhD Student, Pathobiology Program, Sept 2017 – Present

Research Focus: Investigating the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disease and associated behavioral abnormalities using transgenic drosophila models of Alzheimer’s Disease, Tauopathies, and Huntington’s Disease .

University of California, San Francisco, CA - Diabetes Center         

Principle Investigator: Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone    

Staff Research Associate, Sept 2013 – June 2017    

Advisor: Dr. Hilary Thomas                                                                                                       Research Focus I:  Investigating cellular phenotype and function associated with markers of βeta cell function in patients with longstanding Type I Diabetes  

  • Assisted in scheduling and performing blood draws, processing PBMCs.

  • Developed and refined human immunological assays and culture techniques including sorting T Regulatory Cells and T Effector Cells to perform functional assays.

  • Performing flow cytometer analysis, developed antibody-staining panels.

  • Analyzed using FlowJo, BD FACS DIVA, and PRISM.

  • Trained summer medical student in flow cytometry.

Advisor: Dr. Eleonora Trotta                                                                                                     Research Focus II: Investigating the mechanism of action and function of modified LFA3-Fc molecules in suppressing activated T cells.

  • Assist industry collaborators with in vitro assays to screen candidate molecules.

  • Assess in vivo activity of molecules using a humanized mice and human PBMCs

Advisor: Dr. Caroline Raffin                                                                                                          Research Focus III:  Development of citrullinated-vimentin-specific CAR targeting Tregs to treat autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Assisted in bacterial transfection with CV Specific CAR.

  • Performed PCR and gel electrophoresis to confirm transfection

  • Performed immunohistochemical staining on osteoclast cells

University of California, Berkeley, CA- Dept of Environmental Science    Principal Investigator: Dr. Erica Rosenblum

Undergraduate Researcher/Research Associate, May 2012–Sep. 2013

Advisor: Dr. Simone Des Roches                                                                                               Research Focus I: Microhabitat use of the Eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus) on the White Sands ecotone. 

  • Collected data on Eastern Fence Lizard species morphology, phenotype, and microhabitat.

  • Performed Statistical analysis with R software.

  • Composed thesis and presented thesis.

Research Focus II: Assisted graduate student Dr. Simone Des Roches in her Ph.D. project on ongoing natural selection and rapid adaptation of lizard species in White Sands.

  • Collected lizards in multiple desert sites by noosing.

  • Assisted in developing a less invasive protocol for collecting DNA samples from lizard saliva using buccal swabs

  • Analyzed samples to determine genotype at the melanocortin-1 receptor (Mc1r) using PCR and Gel electrophoresis.

  • Aided in new project regarding species of crickets in White Sands.

University of California, Berkeley,  Dept of Molecular and Cellular Biology Principle Investigator: Dr. David Raulet

Laboratory Assistant, Mar 2011- Sep 2013   

  • Determine phenotype the phenotype and genotype of RAG OT1 transgenic and B6 NKG2D mice and for lab experimental use using flow cytometry and PCR

  • Assisted in weaning and breeding mice.

  • Trained and scheduled incoming undergraduate laboratory assistants.

  • Assisted the lab manager with administrative duties including ordering and inventory.

Outreach and Services         

Fly Club, Brown University

Co-Coordinator, November 2018-Present

Purpose: To coordinate meeting for drosophila researchers at Brown once a month to share drosophila research ideas and techniques as well as foster a larger drosophila community by inviting outside speakers to present drosophila related research.

Pathobiology Peer Mentorship, Brown University

Peer Mentor, August 2018-Present

Purpose: To provide guidance to incoming Pathobiology students.

Society of Women in Science, University of California, Berkeley

Activities Planner and Historian, May 2011-May 2013      

Purpose: Providing educational support and opportunities targeted towards women and girls interested in STEM fields 

  • Women in Science Speaker Series-Helped host U.C. Berkeley female faculty who shared their experiences in STEM fields to undergraduates

  • UC Berkeley Relay For Life- held fundraiser provided educational material regarding breast cancer.

  • UC Berkeley Expanding Your Horizons-volunteered as an undergrad mentor and lead group of girls in 6th-9th grade through different workshops focused on chemistry, biology, physics, and computer science.

Saves the Frogs Day- University of California, Berkeley

Instructor, April 2012

Purpose:  Event for elementary school children to increase awareness of declines in populations of amphibians worldwide due to chytrid pathogens.

White Sands Community Camp, University of California, Berkeley

Instructor, May 2012-May 2013

Purpose: To lead 2-day educational experience for children and the community surrounding White Sands on the National Park ecosystem.  

Cal WonderWorks, University of California, Berkeley

Volunteer Instructor,  Sep 2010- May 2011  

Purpose: visit and elementary school bi-monthly to demonstrate interactive science experiments.

Awards and Presentations

  1. National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergradtes. May 2012 Purpose: Awarded to conduct thesis research in the Rosenblum Lab, UC Berkeley

  2. "Microhabitat Use of the Eastern Fence Lizard on the White Sands Ecotone”, May 2013 Purpose: Presentation given at the Environmental Science Symposium, UC Berkeley.


  1. Sheridan Teaching Certificate I

  2. Cell Culture: Suppression assays, intracellular cytokine staining, dose-response titrations, mixed lymphocyte reaction

  3. Flow Cytometry: Experienced using the Fortessa, Aria Cell Sorter, FACS Calibur, and LSRII

  4.  PCR

  5. Mouse splenectomy, intravenous tail injection and intraperitoneal injection.

  6. HIPAA trained and certified

  7.  R Programming


  1. Dr. Marc Tatar

  2. Dr. Karla Kaun- Karla_Kaun@brown.du

  3. Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone -

  4. Dr. Hilary Thomas -

  5. Dr. Eleonora Trotta -

  6. Dr. Caroline Raffin -

  7. Dr. Erica Bree Rosenblum -

  8. Dr. Simone Des Roches -