My doctoral research is co-supervised by Dr. Marc Tatar and Dr. Karla Kaun.  I will be investigating how crosstalk between the body and the brain impacts the pathology of neurodegeneration. Specifically, I am interested in what channels the body and brain use to signal to each other, and how these lines of communication are altered in neuropathological states. I hope that elucidating these mechanisms may shift the paradigm of our current understanding of neurological diseases as being primarily disorders in the brain. My main goal is to provide novel targets for therapy for neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. 

The Tatar Lab is broadly interested in how the endocrine system is involved in the genetic and molecular mechanisms of aging using population demography and physiology.  



The Kaun Lab is interested in the neural and molecular mechanisms underlying memory, particularly in the context of behavioral responses to drugs of abuse.  

Kaun Lab 2018 Winter Outing